At Smartbite Snacks, we work hard to be a company that our employees, our customers and also ourselves can be proud of.

We believe that with good food in your belly, you can do just about anything. 

And we want to do good. 

While there are many important causes we care about and support in our personal lives, we want Smartbite Snacks to focus on two initiatives in particular: 


As a company run predominantly by women, we know from personal experience how tough it can be to navigate this world as a female. Women in developed countries are educated like never before, earning more than ever, and starting business and philanthropic empires that are changing the world. We’ve definitely come a long, long way, baby… but we still have more work to do to change perceptions and ensure gender equality for future generations. We believe that one way forward is to make sure that women support each other. How can we expect women to succeed if we're not directly involved in the effort? 

That's why we support Women In Leadership (WIL) – a student organization serving undergraduate and graduate students at the Schulich School of Business. WIL serves the Schulich community by providing a series of professional, educational, and networking events to enhance the understanding and appreciation of women's role in business, while assisting members in reaching success in their chosen field. 



There has been a lot of talk in the news about our changing climate, from continuous record-breaking warmth to more extreme weather events. This feels pretty overwhelming and makes it seem unlikely that one person can make a difference. We believe that lasting and dramatic change comes from countless little shifts throughout society. Mitigating climate change comes from everybody and that includes you!

Armed with the power of science, we can make informed decisions about how to change some of our behaviors in ways that directly reduce our burden on the environment. We believe in the power of collective commitments and that's why we support Random Acts of Green. 

Random Acts of Green is a social enterprise whose mission is simple, yet ambitious: to educate, entertain, engage and empower both individuals and organizations to participate in more sustainable behaviour, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

If you ever feel like there's so much to be done for the planet but you don't know where to begin, Random Acts of Green might be your answer. Download the Random Acts of Green app on the App Store or Google Play and/or get involved as a Random Acts of Green volunteer


Join us in helping fuel those in need, one crunch at a time.