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Smartbite Snacks Inc. is a family owned and operated business based in Vancouver, BC. We offer premium quality Organic and Non-GMO products made from whole grain cereals. Our cereal cakes are manufactured by a special process that produces thin, crisp, and wholesome snacks that are fat free and naturally low in calories.

"I recently purchased your Fit Figure rice cakes & tried them today for the first time. They are fantastic. Better than any 'cakes' I have ever tried. I shared them with a co-worker who loves them as well. Thanks for the GREAT product, you have restored my faith."

We recently became a proud member of CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) - Canada’s largest trade association dedicated to natural health and organic products. CHFA formed in 1964 from a grassroots community of health food pioneers with vision to promote and protect organic and natural health industries and now includes over 1,000 members.

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