Meet Our Family

Hi 👋 there friend! Thank you very much for wanting to learn about who we are and why we do what we do. We are a family of four: Blanka and Martin – the pops and Martina and Ras – the (adult) kids. Originally from Europe, we call Vancouver, Canada our home since 2006. While Vancouver gave us everything we could ask for and then some, we could not find natural, thin rice cakes we used to snack on back home and we looked 👀 everywhere.
And what do you do when you really miss something on the grocery shelves? You either give up or you make it yourself. 💪 You already know which option we went with. 🙂


In our family we like to keep things simple. That’s why we make snacks from just a handful of high quality, whole food ingredients. We keep it real. Always. No bullshit. No junk. No additives. All the ingredients in our products are easy to pronounce and are readily available in your own kitchen cupboard. There’s simply no need for artificial anything when you’re working with the best ingredients coming from Mother Nature.


Our family always cared about our communities and our planet. Our mission is to not only make top quality healthy snacks that taste good but also use our business to do good. We've been working with The Greater Vancouver Food Bank since day one and partnered with various community, environmental and homelessness alleviation organizations along the way such as Tamakwa Kids Camp, Schulich Women in Leadership, Dogwood BC, Sustainabiliteens, The Foodbank of Waterloo Region to name a few. We also love this planet and we want to do our part by using eco friendly packaging when shipping our products and planting one tree for each online order. We want to continue to do better and be better. We are currently developing new eco product packaging and plan to do even more when it comes to our reforestation efforts. 🌱 


Do you want to say hi? We can't wait to get to know you. Email us at We'll share some awesome memes that will put a big smile on your face. Lolz guaranteed. 💯 Do you want us to support your purpose-driven project? We are excited to hear from you. ✨