This Grilled Peaches Salad With Hot Sauce Is a Summer Champion

August 23, 2019

This Grilled Peaches Salad With Hot Sauce Is a Summer Champion

It's salty, spicy, savory, sweet, crunchy—everything good in this world.

There are few things more disheartening than watching an overly-ambitious haul of peaches sit in the fruit bowl growing old. As summer takes its last lap, now is your chance to use all that juicy farmer’s market produce in your recipes. Like all of the recipes we share, this one is delicious, quick and easy. And we guarantee that no peach will ever get left behind in your kitchen again.

Raise your hand if you think of peaches as dessert only! When peaches are ripe and juicy, we like to think that they’re interchangeable with tomatoes (also a fruit!)—you can use them in salads, Capreses or salsas. 

For this recipe we are using mâche, also known as lamb salad. The mâche's flavor is slightly nutty with a subtle tang. Make sure to wash it well though and allow it to dry completely. Mâche is not readily available at supermarkets but you can definitely find it at your local farmer's market or sub it with butter lettuce (mild) or watercress (peppery)

If you want to bring this salad to another level, we recommend adding our special zippy dressing. If you like to keep it simple, then go with your fave brand of extra virgin olive oil. 


  • 2 cups (4 handfuls) of mâche
  • 1 large firm tofu
  • 1 cup broccoli
  • 2 firm ripe peaches (about 1 lb.), halved + pit removed
  • 3/4 cup roughly chopped walnuts
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 TBSPs soy sauce (we recommend our fave Raw Organic Nama Shoyu)
  • kosher salt
  • Quinoa Fibre Plus Crispbreads 

    Zippy Dressing 

    • 2 TBSPs extra-virgin olive oil
    • 2 TBSPs mild hot sauce (such as Frank’s)
    • 2 TSPs unseasoned rice vinegar
    • 2 TSPs maple syrup


      1. Take out the tofu from the packaging and drain off the water. Gently pat dry the outer layer of tofu with a kitchen towel (you can go with paper towels but using kitchen towel is environmentally friendlier). Cut the tofu into bite-sized pieces. (You can cut it into small cubes or cut into medium-sized rectangles, whichever you like). Gently pat dry both sides of the sliced tofu with a kitchen towel.

      2. Heat a large skillet over medium-high until hot, 3–5 minutes (a drop of water should jump around in the pan).

      3. Now that your tofu is ready, add it to a mixing bowl and season it with salt and 2 table spoons of soy sauce. Sauté in oil over medium heat for about 5 minutes or until browned on all sides.

      4. Get in the mood for some brocc! Don’t worry about rinsing the mixing bowl as you’ll need it for broccoli florets. Add salt and a table spoon of soy sauce, mix well and transfer to the skillet over medium heat. Cook, undisturbed, until well charred on one side, about 5 minutes. When we say "undisturbed," we mean it! Your brocc needs consistent, direct contact with the hot pan in order to get color, so resist the urge to constantly fuss with it. Mix with spatula and continue to cook, tossing occasionally, until broccoli is crisp-tender.

      5. Heat your oil in a pan over medium heat. Add the chopped walnuts. It helps to crush the nuts slightly before adding them to the pan, so the surface area is increased and more oil comes in contact with the nuts. When the nuts have picked up a golden color, which will take about 5 minutes, they'll be perfectly toasted. Be careful not to take them too far—they'll get a bit darker as they cool, and you don't want to accidentally burn them.

      6. Feeling peachy for some peaches? Good! Preheat your grill to high (450°F to 550°F). Place peaches, cut sides down, on oiled grates; grill, uncovered, until well charred, about 4 minutes, turning to grill on all sides. Remove from the grill and let your peaches cool for about 10 minutes, then cut them into smaller pieces.

      7. Let’s get hot and saucy! Whisk oil, hot sauce, vinegar, and maple syrup in a small bowl; season with kosher salt. 

      8. Toss mâche, tofu, broccoli and peaches, and half of dressing in a medium bowl; let sit 5 minutes.

      9. Transfer summer salad to a platter. Top with toasted walnuts, drizzle with remaining dressing and grab your fave crispbreads for that extra crunch. Enjoy!

      PRO TIP 1: When buying peaches, ask the sellers at the farmer's market for freestone peaches, versus cling peaches, which are exactly what they sound like. A freestone peach can be cut in half cleanly, as the pit falls right out. Cling means the peach is sort of stuck in there. The taste is the same, we just like the way the freestone peaches look much better when you style your dish. 

      PRO TIP 2: The question of the hour: can I just use nectarines interchangeably in these recipes? Yes, but hold on for a sec. Nectarines are slightly smaller than peaches, so for a recipe that calls for three peaches, we would use four nectarines. You'll have to use your own judgment, but we have a feeling everything will turn out wonderful.

      Did you make this recipe? We get crazy excited when you make our recipes and we always love to see how they turn out. 
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